Easy way to prevent accidents

TV / furniture straps for baby and toddler proofing / Earthquake proof. Anchors come with 4 corner childproofing protection edges guards from BB Cute USA. Fasteners are plastic free and easy to install to prevent falling. Keep your child secure now!

Are you a parent? You must read!

Every 30 Minutes Unsteady Furniture or TV Injures a Child!  As parents, we are looking to protect our family the best way possible. That`s why we created Baby Proof Anchor with metal ends, instead of using plastic, Velcro, glues, or other … Read More

Why use safety straps?

Statistics suggest that every year more than 35,000 times fallen furniture or TV set sends someone in the US to hospital. Half of the victims are toddlers. This is what happened these days when a dressers fell on twin boys … Read More